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SuperPLA is a replacement part for the Commodore PLA chips which are based on the 82S100 chip. SuperPLA does NOT add any functionality, but replaces a chip that often breaks on vintage Commodore computers. A broken PLA will keep the whole computer from working - SuperPLA is meant for repair jobs like this. SuperPLA is available in two versions: One that works in the C64 only, and another version that can be configured for one out of five different target systems using jumpers: C64, C610, C710, 1551 floppy and 264 systems (plus/4, C16, C116).


During the creation of this product, an analyzer program for the C64 PLA chip was written that may be useful to other C64 hardware and software creators. It became famous in the scene as the "pla.exe" program and we're providing it including the Pascal source. The archive includes the binary for DOS and DOS-boxes of compatible operating systems, but may also be compiled for other operating systems.

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